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A not-so fairy tale story

Once, there was a girl who enjoyed her life to the fullest and never give a damn about what people said. She was loud, fearless and brave. She was not afraid to be in crowd. She was comfortable with crowd and strangers. She was once an extrovert. Time flies and time change her. No, hurtful memories and betrayal change her. Now she is socially hates crowds, socially awkward, afraid of rejection, withdrawn herself from any social events, shrink herself into the corner, comfortable with loneliness and insecure of herself.

She was once a happy girl but now there is a demon living inside her head.
Once her life revolved around others but now she had her epiphany that she was once stupid to willingly give everything to everyone but no one gives a shit about her. She was too kind to everyone but everyone was so mean to her.
She blindly loyal to her so called friends but in the end everyone stabbed her in the back. Now, whenever she wants to engage in a new friendship, she’s afraid that peopl…