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The mask of a human

Greetings earthlings :)

A bit late for doing this but a great procrastinator I am this is unavoidable.

In 2015, getting straight A's in the national exam was something that I never imagined honestly.I just stu(died) for the sake of my parents and because that's what most student did right?

Secured a scholarship to study abroad was beyond my wildest imagination either. Yes I've dreamt of studying in UK,Egypt or South Korea even (blame it on my once Kpop obsession) but to actually have the chance I am beyond speechless. Alhamdulillah.

This month I went to Singapore for a Model United Nations conference.

My former teacher called me and told me that my school innovation project was chosen to represent Malaysia to go to China and will be presented in Beijing this March.

When I finished my secondary school,I was awarded Best Student for Academic  curriculum activities for representing my school in various level,national and international.

Does my life looks perfect to you?